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Zeller Management provides full service property management services for all

types of commercial properties in the Southwest quadrant of Ohio.  We pride

ourselves on providing service oriented management expertise.  We keep

informed of community trends in finance, local politics, market rents, and the

current economic climate.  We are dedicated to helping you increase the value of

your property through property maintenance, maximizing cash flow, and providing

proactive property management.


Zeller Management has the advantage of being an experienced local firm who can

deal quickly and efficiently with day-to-day issues.  We are equipped with an up-

to-date computerized accounting system to provide you with accurate and timely

monthly financial statements. 


We have built relationships over the years with reliable contractors to help keep

repair costs to a minimum.  Zeller Management has a solid reputation for dealing

fairly and honestly with owner/clients, tenants, employees and vendors.


The Zeller Management team includes professional property managers who have

distinguished themselves in the areas of experience, education, and ethical

conduct.  Jim and his team have a combined total of 57 years of experience in

property management.